Brand stories


The natural cosmetics company HABOR has been established in Italy for nearly 30 years, bringing innovation and natural health culture to the public. L’Rosace has introduced three brands of HABOR, namely INTRA, Phytorelax Laboratories and Bio Phytorelax.


In 2018, HARBOR launched a new hair care series brand INTRA. The products launched are free of allergenic ingredients SLES, parabens, mineral oil, silicone, and artificial colors. Also, it is an organic certified product of AIAB and Vegan OK. After the period, we will launch facial care products to take care of customers' needs in all aspects. INTRA fully respects the natural formula and contains more than 98% natural ingredients.


Phytorelax Laboratories is the earliest brand established by HABOR. Product development is based on two concepts: "How to Green Your Beauty Routine" and "Beauty 365 days a Year'', using the highest quality natural and organic materials with cutting-edge technology, and providing top-quality products at popular prices for daily skin care products. Today, olive, almond, shea butter, cocoa and nut oils are the hallmarks of Phytorelax. Insist on rejecting all preservatives, foaming agents and other chemicals that are harmful and irritating to the skin to meet customer needs.

L’Rosace introduces three Phytorelax product lines:

(1) Organic skin care and hair care products

(2) Products with more than 98% of natural ingredients

(3) Professional haircare products


BIO PHYTORELAX launched by HABOR focuses on skin care, respects the highest standards of organic cosmetics to the greatest extent and complies with Cosmos standards (strict European and internationally recognized guidelines). Laboratory of Phytorelax has created a new skin care product line of organic vegan certified products for facial cleansing and treatment. The products combine nature and science to solve all skin types. Among them, the main product is skin care products made of organic chamomile, which has calming, protective and anti-congestion effects. It is very suitable as a treatment for the most fragile and sensitive skin of the whole family.


Tadé was founded in 1995 by a French geographer Thaddée de Slizewicz. Tadé promotes Mediterranean cosmetics and the art of living with the aim of quality, authenticity, well-being and elegance. All Tadé products are made with local craftsmen, respecting ancestral knowledge, nature and humans. The variety is very diverse. In addition to Aleppo Soap, which uses Laurel Nobilis oil for the main ingredient, there are also a full range of body care, cosmetics, perfumes, and bathroom accessories.