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古法阿勒頗20%月桂油手工皂(三件裝)350g - L’Rosace

Aleppo Soap Laurel 20% 200g x 3 350g

Aleppo Soap Co.
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Aleppo Soap Co.

Aleppo Soap Laurel 20% 200g x 3

Three Aleppo soaps enriched with 20% bay oil. Hypoallergenic, for very dry, delicate and reactive skin.

Prototype of all the soaps in the world, and in particular that of Marseille, the precious gem of Aleppo is recognizable by its golden brown envelope, firm, and its soft green heart, from which escapes the delicious fragrance of the oil. bay laurel.

Recommended to help maintain the hydration of sensitive skin, this real "green gold" of the Orient draws its richness from the unequaled virtues of olive oil and the noble and beneficial laurel oil (20% when cooked). ). Body and face soap. Forgotten in the linen cupboard, it is renowned in the East for lasting protection against moths.



Emollient and antiseptic thanks to its exceptional oleic acid content (72.60%), olive oil regulates the natural hydration of the epidermis.


Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential active ingredients, this jewel of cosmetics in the Levant purifies and hydrates the skin, as desired.

How to use

Apply generously to the skin then rinse with hot water, avoiding contact with the eyes. For a new skin, leave on for a few minutes, then massage lightly with a crepe or goat cheese glove.
Very soft and hypoallergenic, Aleppo soap can be used as a purifying mask for the face and for personal hygiene.