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古法阿勒頗月桂油沐浴露 500ml - L’Rosace

Liquid Laurel Aleppo Soap 500ml

Tade Pays Du Levant
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Tade Pays du Levant

Liquid Laurel Aleppo Soap

Aleppo organic liquid soap with 15% bay leaf. Fragile and very delicate skin.

Traditional Aleppo saponification in a cauldron, in batch, of noble and natural oils of olive and laurel - both already praised by Hippocrates and Galen for their cosmetic virtues. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, they cleanse the skin in depth but without drying it out.


Exceptionally soft, this real "Aleppo" leaves the skin delicately washed, supple, firm. More than 99% natural and of high cosmetic quality thanks to its high content of laurel oil, it is particularly suitable for very delicate skin, with fragile balance, for their daily cleansing, face and body.


Emollient and antiseptic thanks to its exceptional oleic acid content (72.60%), olive oil regulates the natural hydration of the epidermis.


Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential active ingredients, this jewel of cosmetics in the Levant purifies and hydrates the skin, as desired.

How to use

Practical and economical with its pump, it is welcome everywhere: in the kitchen, in the office or in the bathroom. In the shower, lather in the palm of your hands and apply to the body in circular movements. Rinse carefully.