Our story

Ten years later

On January 29, 2019, which was our last day of our store in Hutchison Building. The reconstruction of Hutchison Building marked the end of an era.

Ten years ago, European-Japanese style grocery stores were still not popular in Hong Kong, and there were no individual shops in Central Admiralty that OLs in Central liked to hang around. "I have to buy the stockings in Sheung Wan if the hook is broken. I am stuck with my friend’s birthday and gifts on holidays. Even after lunch, there is no store that makes me happy to shop...", my friend said. So we found the market space.

Having said that Hutchison Building is not a large-scale shopping mall. We often remind ourselves that we must keep improving and introducing more novel and high-quality products with stories behind them, so that guests will enjoy shopping in the small shops.

Remember that we introduced the Little Prince from Japan and France, the colorful Gaspard et Lisa, the cultural fabric Les Toiles Du Solei that has been inherited for centuries in South France, the fragrance Lothantique from the perfume capital of South France, the handwork of flea markets in various countries and vintage … Because of these boutiques, customers often said that when they came to a small store, it seemed to be a small trip to Europe.

I also feel that most skin care products in the market have a lot of harmful substances. We vigorously promote Marseille soap, and are the first time to introduce Aleppo Soap made in Syria and Ayuan soap from Yangmingshan in Taiwan. We are also very happy that every time we hear that our customers’ skin has improved after using these products.

The world is changing, the environment and shopping patterns have also undergone major changes, but our original intention remains the same.

We cherish the relationship we have built over time. Each customer is unique and has his own preferences and requirements. We have been committed to finding high-quality products for our customers. We are now launching a new online store to facilitate customers' needs and buy them anytime, anywhere.

On November 1, 2020, farewell does not mean the end, but a new beginning.

Looking forward to your love in L'Rosace and discover the beauty of life together.

Philosophy of L’Rosace

L'Rosace was established in 2007. Our story begins with The Art of Nouveau "Modern Aesthetics" in French. It integrates aesthetic concepts into daily life. The concept store collects unique accessories from different countries. We hope that modern women can create unique by matching different accessories and creating self temperament.

In addition, L'Rosace set up the HERBees health care skin zone. It reckons returning to nature, using gentle and simple natural formulas can effectively make the skin healthier and relieve stressful life. So, a number of international natural care brands, including Phytorelax Laboratories, Tade, etc. are launched. It aims to take care of tender skin in an all-round way, making "natural" the mainstream of body repair and restoring the original, health and beauty of skin.