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Certified Organic Argan Hand Cream 30ml

Certified Organic Argan Hand Cream 30ml

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Tade Pays Du Levant

Certified Organic Argan Hand Cream

Hand cream with aloe vera and organic argan oil, with the gourmet scent of the Atlas.

This nourishing and softening cream protects and strengthens all hands, deliciously perfumes them and intensely nourishes them during the winter. It comforts dry, damaged, irritated skin and subjected to daily aggressions.


Exceptional formula thanks to a selection of first-rate organic components, rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, unsaponifiables, trace elements and vitamins: aloe vera, argan, shea butter, olive and sweet almond oils.


A true source of youth, aloe vera contains an impressive cocktail of minerals and trace elements, amino acids, vitamins ...


Moisturizing and regenerating, it leaves an imperceptible film on the surface of the epidermis, protecting it from external aggressions.


Its exceptional moisturizing properties and its richness in active ingredients make the oil extracted from the argan tree a precious beauty balm.

How to use

Apply a small amount in the morning and / or evening. With its soft and creamy texture, this cream easily penetrates the hands with light massages. Repeat during the day if the hands are particularly exposed.

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