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Cosmos Certified Marseille Cube 300g

Cosmos Certified Marseille Cube 300g

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Tade Pays Du Levant

Cosmos Certified Marseille Cube

Made with respect for tradition, this Cosmos certified Marseille cube is ideal for effective washing of the skin.

It was probably the Crusaders who, by bringing "pure olive" soap from the lands of the Levant (from Aleppo to Nablus), encouraged the establishment of soap factories in Provence in the 14th century. Often imitated, but never equaled, today only four soap factories around Marseille scrupulously respect the ancestral method.

Genuine "Marseille" with olive oil, rich in active elements, gently cleanses your skin. Hypoallergenic, it is recommended by dermatologists to fight against skin dryness of all skin types, but especially the most sensitive.

This green cube, economical and biodegradable, has its place everywhere in the house, from the bathroom to the linen room. Ideal for daily washing, it is applied directly to the skin or to a previously wet glove.

Very soft and pure, olive oil moisturizes and softens the skin. Rich in antioxidants and squalene, it prevents skin aging.

Cosmos certified
Without palm oil

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