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Liquid Soap from Marseille 500ml

Liquid Soap from Marseille 500ml

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Tade Pays Du Levant

Liquid Soap from Marseille

Liquid Marseille soap, more than 99% of ingredients of natural origin and fully biodegradable. Fragile and delicate skin.

Hypoallergenic soap, naturally glycerin, gently cleanses the skin, respecting its good hydration. Perfect for daily grooming of young people and adults, face and body and frequent hand washing. Recommended for dry and fragile skin.

Like its Aleppo soap model, this "Marseille" -type liquid soap results from the ancestral saponification in a discontinuous cauldron of olive oil (80%), the two-thousand-year-old queen of Mediterranean cosmetics and natural potash. During cooking, the artisan soap maker incorporates 20% organic copra oil, for its foaming power.

Full of antioxidants and squalene, olive oil protects against the damaging action of free radicals and all signs of skin aging.

Practical and economical pump-bottle, to be placed everywhere in the house to benefit from its good smell of clean and natural, memory of the laundry of the washerwomen of Provence. Apply to wet skin or glove, rinse thoroughly.

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