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Travel Kit Detox Charcoal

Travel Kit Detox Charcoal

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Bio Phytorelax Laboratories

Travel Kit Detox Charcoal

Travel Kit contains:

DAILY FACE CLEANSER SOS DETOXwith Bamboo activated Charcoal (40ml)

Cleanser with typical black texture that, when in contact with water, turns into a soft, easy-to-rinse foam. Formulated with activated Charcoal with high absorbing power and antioxidant Peach Flowers to cleanse stressed skin exposed to urban pollution. The face skin appears intensely clean and purified from pollution and sebum excess, preserving skin balance. 11% Organic of total – 98% Natural Origin of total – 100% Fragrance Natural origin

shake before use; apply to face and neck, gently massaging. Rinse with fresh water.


Specially formulated for the most demanding skin, this micellar milk, with its unusual black texture, is a real beauty treatment for your face. It combines the purifying property of activated Charcoal with the delicacy of Peach flowers that perfectly remove impurities, make-up and traces of pollution from face and eyes, and, at the same time, give smoothness and elasticity to your skin. 11% Organic of total – 99% Natural Origin of total – 100% Fragrance Natural origin

apply to face and neck using a cotton pad, gently massaging until fully absorbed. Rinse with fresh water.


SOS Detox mask, with its amazing black texture, restores freshness and light to stressed skin exposed to urban pollution. Black clay, associated with activated Charcoal, performs a purifying and absorbing activity, making your skin feel rested. Its creamy formula does not dry and does not pull the skin and is easy to rinse.

apply a layer of the mask on clean skin once or twice a week; avoid the areas around the eyes. Leave on to act for 5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

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