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COSMOS NAT Certificated  Verbanna Marseille Soap 100g
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COSMOS NAT Certificated Verbanna Marseille Soap 100g

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Marseille Soap Co.

COSMOS NAT Certificated Verbanna Marseille Soap


  • It is made in accordance with the standard formula of French King Louis XIV and contains 72% olive oil to nourish and moisturize the skin.

  • With the addition of verbanna, it helps restore physical strength and increases vitality after workout.

  • Using raw materials certified by COSMOS NAT, 100% natural ingredients and without palm oil.

  • No chemicals such as preservatives, foaming agents, colorants, etc.

Capacity : 100g

How to use:

  • Gently knead rich leather into the palm. Apply to the body and face, massage gently and rinse with water.

  • Ideal for daily use for better results.

Storage precautions:

  • Keep away from humidity and heat.

  • Keep in a place children cannot reach.

  • Avoid prolonged exposure from sunlight.


  • For the first time user, test behind ears with a little amount to observe if any adverse reaction occurs.

  • If contact with eyes occurs rinse thoroughly with water, consult a doctor if needed.

  • Immediately stop using in case of skin abnormalities after use.

  • For external use only. Do not swallow.